The Alan Gordon Group, LLC
Software Consulting, Development, and Project Management
The Alan Gordon Group is a consulting firm specializing in small to medium sized projects. Alan Gordon is a seasoned professional and veteran of the software industry. He has managed and contributed to projects in the fields of consumer appliances, streaming services, aerospace, photography, voice recognition, automotive electronics, structural engineering, national defense, telematics, CAD, and CAM. 
Alan associates with a number of highly skilled colleagues who can be called upon to contribute expertise as needed. That is our advantage, we know who knows the answers to the questions you have and problems that need to be solved. Our group has a very deep and diversified portfolio of some of the best softwarwe engineering talent available today.

When you engage with the Alan Gordon Group you are gaining critical experience. We have been there, done that, and not without gaining some well earned wisdom along the way. We can help with everything from software design, engineering, mathematics, and project management. 
Alan is a professional engineer with years of experience building software systems for engineering and consumer users. By way of example, his highway bridge analysis software is the standard for Washington State DOT and his voice recognition implementations are in Toyota products.
Sample of Our Technological Experience Base
C, C++, JS, JAVA, Python, Mathlab, and SQL 
Windows, iOS, embedded (RTOS), Linux, Android, and QT
Agile, Scrum, Jira, bug tracking, GIT, multiple test environments, test automation

Structural Engineering: 
Finite Element Method 
Particle methods 
Computational fluid Dynamics mechanics 
Control Volume Method 
Discontinuous Galerkin Method 
Nonlinear systems 
Applied mathematics 
Applied mechanics 
Voice recognition
Media streaming
Aerospace Structures 
Civil Engineering Software 
Structural Analysis Software